Thank You for a Monumental 72 Hours - Let's Keep it Going

Hello there,

I want to share a heartfelt thank you and an update with you all after this Fathers Day weekend. For you dynamo dads out there, I hope you had a great one.

Thank you so much for your generous investment and support of my project. In just 72 hours, you all have helped me reach my initial goal, and most importantly - you've helped me connect with other men who also want to talk and be part of this project!

It has been an overwhelming experience to go from pretty darn silent about the loss of my father and topic of suicide for decades to putting myself and this project out there with a heartfelt request for support. That vulnerability is not the most comfortable, but necessary and totally worth it. Especially auspicious to have this happen during Fathers Day weekend, which is something I have worked to avoid over the years.

We're Just Starting - Please Keep Sharing and Supporting 

The project has been shared over 275 times on Facebook and is being circulated by email. This is a great start!

These two vehicles are the best way for me to connect with other men. I'm hearing from men who want to participate, people who lost a loved one to suicide who want to help confront the stigma and shame around suicide and folks who see how this project hopes to help join the chorus of voices working to prevent suicide. Please keep doing all you can to spread the word.

Special Requests for Support

  • Share this with bereavement groups or gatherings of families affected by suicide;
  • Share this with your faith community and ask it to be included in their newsletter; and,
  • Share this with any mental health-related groups you may be part of. 

Lastly, Your Donations Still Make a Huge Difference

Though I've helped raise millions of dollars with the human rights groups I've worked with, this is the first time since little league baseball that I've asked for money for me. It's hard - or, I find it surprisingly difficult.

I saw Kickstarter as the best tool to help spread awareness about this project and meet other affected men - and that remains the main goal. However, fear of not reaching my goal ensured I put a low number instead of one that may be the most realistic without me 'swiping to suffice' on my credit card.

Know that each dollar donated will enable me to further fully invest in this project. Please help keep the generous investments and donations flowing - I promise to make the most of it.

Thank you so much and if you have any questions or ideas of how to enhance this project, please email me via Kickstarter or at

All the best,