To start with, this project is totally reliant on the participation of other men who want to share their stories and insights. I'm betting there other other men out there who, like me, would like to talk with others who lost their father to suicide. Additionally, I'm assuming they also see the value in sharing their own story and hearing others' perspectives with hopes it may help them, but may also help thousands of other young men who may be grieving the loss of their father and trying to find some inspiration, support and insight to harness.

The hard part is finding other men who lost their father to suicide - and who want to share their story - and I'm hoping you (and social media) can help. This is my biggest challenge and it is certainly non-trivial. It is the one that keeps me up at night.

The other challenges and risks are real - from travel delays and logistic hiccups that come with such a project, to the very real need for conducting the most ethical, thoughtful interviews possible. Though I've spent a bulk of my career training human rights advocates to interview individuals, often under great trauma and stress, I am not a psychotherapist, nor do I pretend to be.

That being said, I take great precaution and responsibility for doing this project with the utmost care of all involved.