Recording ambient audio and doing my first audio diary while out at Vinalhaven Island, Maine. I have a return ticket in my wallet to help ensure I get back soon. 
 Working on the bike at  Dooryard Farm  in Camden, Maine.
 My generous hosts and dear friends of Dooryard Farm in Camden, Maine. Their son, Julian, was ready to ride. 
 Feeding the pigs
 Harvesting chickens with Cooper and Marina at their beautiful farm -  Dooryard Farm  - in Camden, Maine. 
 Captain Owen charting our path through Mid-Coast Maine on the  Isaac H Evans Schooner . 
 Had to take a pic from the bow...or the stern? The Kansan in me was lost out there. 
 Cook and moto mentor, Greg Dorr, picking the banjo to the rhythm of the sea. 
 Owl's Head Annual Antique Motorcycle Extravaganza. This guy one some awards and broke some hearts. 
 Went to the Hope, Maine County Fair and experienced some life-changing magic...and failed to sink enough shots for the coveted large, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 
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