What Your Support Will Enable

This first, exploratory phase of this project focuses on addressing the biggest challenge - finding and connecting with similarly affected men. This is where you can make the most difference.

Once we connect, I will set-up interviews with folks who represent the geographic and cultural diversity that makes the United States so incredible and unique. Traveling by motorcycle from August through October, I will slowly zigzag across the United States and capture audio interviews of survivors’ stories and take portraits of each collaborator holding something of their father’s.

After completing the interviews, I will edit audio interviews and weave them into an audio series featuring stories and insights from collaborators on their journey to define their manhood, find healing and, perhaps, embrace fatherhood. Additionally, I will curate and feature a portfolio of collaborators' portraits and excerpts of their stories online.

[Though I have other hopes for this project, such as inviting online story submissions and finding an exhibition space to install a multimedia experience to display the portraits of interviewees alongside snippets of their audio interviews, I'm keeping focused on the immediate steps ahead. If this phase goes well, maybe another Kickstarter campaign in the future.]

How Your Investment Will Be Used

I have spent my career working with human rights organizations, making the most out of little. I take pride in my thriftiness and skills to optimally leverage your generosity.

My budget boils down to five categories:

  • Travel, accommodations and meals: 50%
  • Equipment: 15%
  • Interview transcription and website maintenance: 15%
  • Fees (Kickstarter and Amazon fees): 10%
  • Backer reward fulfillment and postage: 10%

I will be using my own motorcycle and gear, and will budget travel with a focus on getting to know couches and campsites. Feel free to message me if you have any questions on the budget!

[Update: Though we have reached my initial goal, please your generosity and investment will still make a huge difference. Read more here.}