Fatherless by Suicide is a collaborative storytelling project by and for sons whose fathers died by suicide. 

Hi, I'm Chris. In 2014, I zig-zagged across the country on my somewhat trusty motorcycle to meet, interview, and learn from other men who have lost their father to suicide. This podcast features stories from men from 18 to 85, and focuses on their insights on grief, healing, and manhood.

Devastatingly, suicide is the tenth leading cause of reported death in the United States, with over 41,000 people dying by suicide each year. This project aims to reduce the shame and stigma for survivors of suicide, and improve our ability to support the millions who live in the wake of it. 

Please have a listen and share with your loved ones. 

Why I Started This

I lost my father to suicide when I was three years old, and I spent the next three decades avoiding the topic and my own emotions around fatherloss. However, I've always wanted to meet with other men who lost their fathers to suicide. So I created this project and invited men to share their insights and stories with me.

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Who I Met With

Since August 2014, I traveled nearly seven thousand miles around North America by motorcycle to conduct interviews with men who have also lost their fathers to suicide.

In each episode, you'll hear a different guy's story, insights, and reflections. If you're interested in participating in the project, please contact me.

How You Can Help

Sadly, as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, the effects of suicide are felt on every block in the United States. Please share this project with your family, friends and community and faith groups, and send a special invitation to men who lost their fathers to suicide.