Hi, I'm Chris Michael.

Though I've helped raise millions of dollars for the human rights groups I've with over the past decade, this is my first personal fundraising effort since I was a mediocre catcher selling chocolate to get uniforms for my little league baseball team. This feels a bit more challenging and certainly more risky.

However, around that time I started working and have done a host of jobs that I will help me see this project through and make the most of your generous donations and support. Most noteworthy is that I've spent the last decade supporting human rights advocates harness the power of storytelling and technology to advance social and environmental justice. It took me a while to muster the courage to take some of the skills I've cultivated during that time and apply them to this personal project.

Below you'll find a bit more about me and I how I've aligned my values, interests and skills with my work. I see this project as a continuation and necessary extension.

I'm a human rights advocate who founded Collaborations for Change after over a decade of designing and running social change campaigns, developing human rights training curricula and leading dozens of video and campaign strategy workshops and participatory events for human rights groups from over 115 countries.

Before founding Collaborations for Change, I was the Head of Training and Partnerships at WITNESS, where I oversaw the transformation of its training resources and bolstered its partnerships with human rights allies using video to create change.

On the more work side of things, I'm a trainer, facilitator, writer, video producer and campaign strategist with an focus in storytelling, multimedia and online strategies for change. Though I work with video and love its power, I'm opting for audio interviews and portraits. I'm even a bit surprised...

I live in Midcoast Maine, tickle the banjo and generally excel at stringing up hammocks with exceptional backdrops.

I'm also thrifty and will work hard to see this project through and make the most of your generous support.